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Carol Westfahl was a sister, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, but most of all a woman of God with a servant heart. She devoted her life to what matters most: faith, family, and friendship, to helping others and serving her community in any way she could.

After publishing this book, Carol spent a lot of her time delivering books to local book stores, where the books were sold and helped thousands of cancer patients. She also did public speaking about her book and her experiences. In 2009 she recorded an audio version of the book, since she had received numerous requests for the book in an audio format. That decision proved to be extremely valuable Carol’s family. It is reassuring to know that they can listen to Carol’s voice any time they would like to. Ultimately Carol passed away in 2011 from complications of the cancer. She survived 15 years from the original diagnosis and was passionate about helping others through the cancer journey during those last years of her life. Her son, Steve, decided to republish the book as living memorial to Carol’s desire to help others through their cancer journey.

Carol also published a children’s book that was inspired by a conversation with her grandson, Alec. The book is titled Grandma, Guess What? and is also available for purchase. See photos and learn more about Carol below.


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